On this page you can find an up-to-date list of my publications, classified by category.
I welcome inquiries and proposals to contribute to edited volumes and special issues. I have experience in both reviewing manuscript submissions and in helping colleagues translate articles, reports and research proposals. I mostly work with Swedish, Latin, French, German, Italian, and English sources, and I speak French, Italian, Danish and English fluently. I am happy to help when I can!

Peer Reviewed Articles

‘Desire, marriage, and overpopulation: the sexual lives of insects during the Enlightenment’ | Journal article | Revue de Synthèse, 145, 2024:1-2, pp. 1-36 | Open Access | co-authored with John Lidwell-Durnin | January 2024
-- Most-read article in the RDS of 2024 (550+ reads)

‘Swedenborg, politicien et prophète' | Journal article | Politica Hermetica, 37, 2023, pp. 15-38 | ISBN: 978-2-336-42106-3 | Free preprint pdf | November 2023 
DOI (preprint):
'Enslaved by African angels: Swedenborg on African superiority, evangelization and slavery' | Journal article | Intellectual History Review , pp. 1-31 |  Open Access |  April 2023
-- High-impact article: most-read article in IHR of 2023 (3300+ reads)
'Musis Borealibus': science boréale et discours sur le Nord, 1620-1720' | Journal article | Etudes Germaniques, 76, 2021:1, pp. 65-82 | Open Access | July 2021

'Ghosts from other planets': plurality of worlds, afterlife and satire in Emanuel Swedenborg's De Telluribus in mundo nostro solari (1758) | Journal article | Annals of Science, 77, 2020:4, pp. 469-494 | Open Access | September 2020
-- High-impact article: top 4 most-read articles published in Annals of Science  (6300+ reads)


• 'Anatomy, botany, and skin colour: Linnaeus's previously unknown encounter with Bernhard Siegfried Albinus', in: Papers holding the world together: Linnaeus, medicine and empire | article in edited volume, edited by Lo Barck and Hjalmar Fors | Brill | 2024

Earths in the Universe | Under contract book | critical introduction by Vincent Roy-Di Piazza, translated in English by John Chadwick, edited by Stephen McNeilly | New Collected Edition series | The Swedenborg Society, London | 2025
Doctoral Thesis

• 'Homo Maximus: Emanuel Swedenborg and the interaction of soul and body' | Linacre College, University of Oxford, 2022

Non-Academic Writing

'A Plurality of inhabited worlds: life on other planets from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment' | Blog post | Voltaire Foundation, UK | May 2023

'In Search of the Human Soul' | Interview with James Wilson | Swedenborg Review, 4: 2022 | The Swedenborg Society, UK | Autumn 2022
‘Pygmalion, ou précis de pensée corrélative’ | short-story | shortlisted &  runner up prize (winner) | International writing contest Energheia France 2017  | Associazione Culturale Matera, IT | October 2017

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