During my academic training, I have received a highly-specialized, multidisciplinary education. Before my DPhil at Oxford, I graduated in France from the Sorbonne Nouvelle (BA, English, 2012), the Sorbonne (BA, Nordic Studies, 2015), the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (MA, Religious Studies, 2018) and the Ecole Normale Supérieure (MA, History & Philosophy of Science, 2018) the latter two degrees both distinguished with first class honours (mention très bien). This interdisciplinary expertise informs both my research and teaching of history with a particular emphasis on bringing a diverse and global approach to the curriculum.

Qualifications (DPhil, MA, MA, Maîtrise, BA, BA, DEM)

• DPhil, History of Science, Medicine, Economic and Social History | Linacre College, University of Oxford | 2022

• MA, History and Philosophy of Science | École Normale Supérieure de Paris | 2018

• MA, Religious Studies | École Pratique des Hautes Études | 2018
• BA, Nordic Studies | Sorbonne | 2015
• BA, English Studies | Sorbonne Nouvelle | 2012

Beyond Academia

I am also a classically-trained singer and multi-instrumentist, with two degrees in performance music:
• DEM, Diplôme d’Etudes Musicales, professional degree in lyrical singing | Conservatoire de Musique de Paris (CRR Paris) | 2013-2019

Musiklinjen, major in  performance, composition and music theory | Testrup Højskole, Mårslet, Denmark | Forår 2014

I have performed internationally (Italy, France, Denmark, UK, Spain) as a tenor in various young professional opera, choral and recital productions, both as a chorister and a soloist. In Oxford I have sung for the Lincoln College Chapel Choir and University College Chapel Choir. During my time at Oxford, I also played bass in the Karaoke Collective, organised various concerts for charity, and served as President of the Linacre College Music Society for four years (2018-22).

In addition to music, I served as a member of the Oxford Latinitas Society, and a lifetime member of the Oxford Union and the Oxford Scandinavian Society. I am also an enthusiastic Magic the Gathering player and collector, having competed regularly at tournaments and championships in eternal formats in the last few years.


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