I am a passionate lecturer and award-winning science communicator. I have experience in essay marking, collection-based teaching, and curatorial consulting. My ability to break down complex issues in engaging ways was distinguished by the Keene Domus Prize 2020 at Oxford for outstanding scientific communication.
I see pedagogy and collegiality as two complementary sets of skills (one not only hires a teacher, but also a colleague). As a result, I am also a collegiate team-player with a strong interest in welfare, pastoral care, and community building. This engagement led me to win the Thomas Linacre Award 2022 for outstanding contributions to college life at Oxford.
I am happy to consider invitations to lecture, mentor, and guest teach.

I have taught the following six courses since 2017:

University of Stockholm (2023-24)
• ‘Swedish History of Ideas' | Spring and Fall courses IH1340, adjunct lecturer for undergratuates
University of Oxford (2018-22):
• ‘Histories of madness and mental healing in a global context’ | further subject, co-convener and tutor for history undergraduates | 16 hours
• ‘The Scientific movement in the seventeenth century’ | special subject, co-convener and tutor for history undergraduates | 16 hours
• ‘History of physics' | supplementary subject, tutor for physics undergraduates | 16 hours
• ‘History of science’ | supplementary subject, tutor for science undergraduates | 16 hours

Sorbonne University (2016-17):

 • 'Danish language, literature and culture' | tutor for Nordic studies undergraduates | 18 hours

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