My peer-reviewed publications explore the technoscientific development of Swedish science in times of warfare (Etudes Germaniques, 2021) and the links between the afterlife and extra-terrestrialism in the early modern period (Annals of Science, 2020). My upcoming article, based on my Senior Kirkaldy Prize 2021 winning essay, focuses on the history of slavery during the Swedish Age of Liberty. I welcome inquiries and proposals to contribute to edited volumes and special issues. I have experience both in reviewing manuscript submissions and in helping colleagues translate articles, reports and research proposals. I am happy to help when I can!

Peer Reviewed Articles

'Ghosts from other planets': plurality of worlds, afterlife and satire in Emanuel Swedenborg's De Telluribus in mundo nostro solari (1758) | Journal article | Annals of Science, 77, 2020:4, pp. 469-494 | Open Access | September 2020
-- This high-impact article is in the top 5 most-read articles in Annals of Science  (4900+ reads)
'Musis Borealibus': science boréale et discours sur le Nord, 1620-1720' | Journal article | Etudes Germaniques, 76, 2021:1, pp. 65-82 | Free pdf version | July 2021

Forthcoming (Under Contract)

 • Earths in the Universe by E. Swedenborg | Book | critical introduction by Vincent Roy-Di Piazza, translated in English by John Chadwick, edited by Stephen McNeilly | New Collected Edition series | The Swedenborg Society, London | 2024

Non-Academic Writing

'In Search of the Human Soul' | Interview with James Wilson | Swedenborg Review, 4: 2022 | The Swedenborg Society, UK | Autumn 2022
‘Pygmalion, ou précis de pensée corrélative’ | short-story | shortlisted &  runner up prize (winner) | International writing contest Energheia France 2017  | Associazione Culturale Matera, IT | October 2017